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SimilarContent is the ideal SEO content tool and best Google rank predictor. Write great content for your audience and optimize it for Google. No keyword stuffing or duplicate content.

Easy to use SEO Editor

NLP powered analysis

GPT3 automated writing

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LSI Keywords

The most common keywords found in top google results.


Anything that can appear on a web page's SERP.


Facts that google knows before most people do.

SEO Sentences

Prewritten SEO Sentences.

Step 1

Target a Keyword

Insert your target keyword, then choose which country is your market. SimilarContent will analyze the top 10 LIVE results for you.

  • 83 languages supported
  • 95K cities and areas worldwide
  • Live analysis not a presaved data
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Step 2

Optimize and automate your content writing with facts, entities and SEO sentences.

For a more successful SEO content, try writing using facts and entities that are easy for Google to recognize. Our AI writer Automate the process for you!

  • Ready to use SEO Sentences
  • Facts & Entities
  • Long form AI Writer
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Step 3

Predict Your Ranking before publishing.

Use our keyword ranking tool to see which keywords you've a chance of ranking for. We use the power of artificial intelligence to find out where your content will be placed in search engine results pages.

  • Take the guesswork out of content marketing.
  • Write professional SEO Content
  • Save time and money
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Just a few numbers

SimilarContent makes it easy for anyone to create SEO-friendly content to their blog or website. Our Live Anaysis algorithms are the next generation of SEO content creation.

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