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Stay consistent while building new features.


Stay consistent while building new features.

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Stay consistent while building new features.

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Stay consistent while building new features.


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SimilarContent helps you answer the most important questions about your content. Do a keyword audit to discover primary and secondary target keywords for your content.

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SimilarContent makes SEO easy by showing you the “best” matching terms for any keyword in a visual, intuitive way. We’re all about helping you create more, better content.

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Predict where you’ll rank. This Smart SEO tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to predict where your content might be placed in the search engine results.


Ideal SEO Content tool

SimilarContent is the ideal SEO content tool and best Google rank predictor. Write great content for your audience and optimize it for Google. No keyword stuffing or duplicate content.

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GPT3 automated writing

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The most common keywords found in top google results.


Anything that can appear on a web page's SERP.


Facts that google knows before most people do.

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Prewritten SEO Sentences.

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Clarke Gillebert
SEO Professional

“After I used similar content for five days I already see ranking improvement and I can know more keywords about my topics and it saves a lot of time.”

Jao Ortega
SEO Professional

“anything that saves time and energy is priceless.. I'm amazed how awesome this tool is right of the bat.. all in one place.. easy and simple UI.. the walkthrough tutorial is intuitive also.”

Heather Wright
SEO Writer

“After running a few of my articles through the tool, I can quickly see how I need to optimize it. I can see my self using this tool a lot to update content on my sites.”

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