Google is always changing its algorithms to stay ahead of the game and that’s what we need to do.

We need to know how they work in order to beat them, which means we have to learn things such as Google’s updates, how their organic ranking algorithm works, and more. It’s not easy but it’s necessary.

SimlarContent is a SEO content tool that will help you get the most SEO juice out of your content. It helps in tailoring content to the right keywords.

They’re not just one tool, but several tools designed with precision and experience from Google updates over many years.

What is SimilarContent used for?

Your website’s success largely depends on how well it satisfies the two basic principles of Google:

  1. Your content must be relevant to your site’s keywords and topics, and
  2. Your content must be readable, inviting, and interesting so that readers will continue reading your blog post to the end.

The SimlarContent tool is designed to achieve an equal balance in what Google prefers in terms of written SEO standards and what attracts the reader in terms of context and interesting content that drives him to continue reading and rely on your site when searching again for other topics on your site.

Does SimilarContent have a free account?

Register for a free account with Gmail or a business email account and then you can use the SimlarContent tool.

You can get a free package with limited benefits at first, but it will be enough if you are a newbie and don’t need a lot SEO content per day.

You can easily produce more articles by subscribing to the paid plan in the SimlarContent tool and choosing a package that fits the size of your site.

What are the benefits of using SimlarContent?

SimilarContent makes the SEO Content Writing process easy by doing all of the work for you based on what has been proven successful in top 10 Google results.

You’ll get actionable recommendations on which words and phrases are most likely driving traffic and conversions for other companies like yours, along with suggestions of related terms that might also work well in your copy.

I want to create a new project. How do I do it?

You can create a new project for each article you want to write, then the project will join the list of your projects. You can modify any of them whenever you want, and to create a new project, follow the following steps:

  • Click on Create New Project

  • Select your target keyword.
  • Choose the country in which you want to publish search engines

  • Choose the appropriate language for the article content

  • Device Type (Desktop/Mobile/Tablet)

  • Wait a little time to allow SimlarContent to analyze competitors and build the project successfully

Content Optimizer tool

Everything in the Tool is designed to help you optimize your blog post, Now let’s get to know how the Tool can help you.

Keyword Coverage Score

Keyword density is an important metric that should be monitored throughout the writing process. It is not enough to just have a high keyword density at the end of your piece, because this can lead to unnatural sounding copy with too many keywords.

Keyword Coverage Score shows exactly how much your copy contains LSI words compared with other articles in your niche in a metric score, so you can easily see if your competitors are doing better than you at targeting long tail keywords without having to do any tedious analysis yourself.

This tool will save you hours of work while helping you improve the quality of your content at the same time!

Check Now Button

SimlarContent will automatically update the score after every 100 words you write, so this way you can know when the general score changes.

We advise that you click check now every five minutes to be up-to-date with what you have achieved from the score. This will make it easier for you to get an accurate rating of your content quality.

Words & Characters

This option indicates the number of words and characters in the article.

TF/IDF Score

The TF/IDF measures the relevance of the text to the search. The higher your TF/IDF, the better chance you’ll have to rank high on Google. You should try to have a TF/IDF between 1 and 3.


The Terms box tells you exactly what words to use based on how often they should appear.

  • The Orange Color: Means words not included in your draft and you should try to add as possible.
  • The green Color: Means you add words by the optimal percent.
  • The Red Color: Means your words are overused, try to use other words by the same meaning.

This way it’s easy for anyone with basic writing skills to include all the necessary information without having to do hours worth of research beforehand.

Sub topics:

The Topic Ideas Generator tool is a new feature at SimlarContent.

This tool helps you prioritize your content, which is one of the most important stages of content writing.

It also saves you hours of hard work searching for ideas and sub-elements related to the target keyword you.

To use this tool, all you have to do is type the word you want to rank in.

The number in the circle beside the keywords is a measure of how many times this idea was repeated by the top 10 google results.

So if in the example, the word “Successful online affiliate program” was repeated 3 times in 3 articles in the top 10 results about the keyword: “Affiliate Marketing,” then this represents a higher degree of repetition.

Ranking Predictor:

The Ranking Predictor tool is designed to help you find the keywords Google understands in your content using natural language understanding technology.

While this may seem like a simple task, it can actually be quite difficult for SEO experts to do manually.

There are many different types of keywords and phrases that Google understands and uses to determine where your website will rank on search results pages.

This saves alot of hard work, before publishing your article, you previously know how Google will present it in search results.

The Ranking Predictor helps you find keywords Google understands in your article using natural language understanding technology.

The higher the keyword is in ranking, the greater your chance of being at the top of the search engine.

Neil Patel wrote an article about affiliate marketing. The screenshot below was taken from Ranking Predictor tool that analyzes the article and tells us which keywords the article is most likely to rank for. This article has already ranked for most of the keywords listed.

Sharable Link

Sharable Link allows you to share an article with a writer or editor so they can see what changes need to be made. All of this without giving access to your account!

Just copy the link and paste it into their email client (Gmail / Outlook) or paste it into Slack channel/WhatsApp group chat etc… And there you go – everyone will be able to see how close each draft is from getting an Optimized score!

The link is fully compatible with any Freelance platform TOS.

Once your article is optimized according to SimilarContent’s suggestions, the writer can click “Update” and the article should be delivered for you in your SimilarContent account.

By: Ibrahim sherb