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Grow your income as a SC Affiliate.

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SimilarContent tools is one of the most famous SEO tools and it sells really great. Want to see it yourself and make good money? Sign up for our affiliate program and start earning up to 49.6 USD with a single sale. Looking forward to seeing you among our affiliate partners!

  • 20% commission or up to 49.6 USD per sale
  • Fast approval process
  • Ready-made promo materials.


How much commission you’ll make on sales.


How much customers spend on average each sale


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Why Join the SC Affiliate Program?.

1. SEO Content marketing is booming

More and more businesses are realizing that a strong Google presence is key to business growth, and they’re turning to tools like SimilarContent to help them.

2. Longer cookie duration

Get credit for your purchases 30 days after someone clicks on your content.

3. The Best Support

Our customer success team offers 24/5 support. They’re on hand to help every customer you refer find success.

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How it works

Want to see it yourself and make good money?

Sign up to the SimilarContent Affiliate program via Shareasale

Create your tagged affiliate link

Promote SimilarContent using your affiliate link

Anyone who clicks your affiliate link and becomes a SimilarContent customer will appear in your Shareasale dashboard 

Shareasale will pay your commission at the end of each month 

Grow your income as a SC Affiliate.

Tell your friends, followers, and customers about SimilarContent. Use pre-built ad creative or your unique tracking link